Eclecticism the Right Way

When it comes to Eclecticism, the right way to do it is never easy. Mixing of styles has recently become a wide spread trend from the fashion industry of mixing patterns and clashing colours, to the culinary business of mixing tastes that you wouldn’t necessarily consider putting together. The same goes for interiors. It’s about creating a space that harmonizes as a whole, but each individual piece has its own unique character and style.








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Anahata Katkin does it best in my opinion. Her mix of ethnic/boho/country styles in her home which she talks about in this post is inspiring to someone who is very monochromatic in her life (aka. me).

Another shout out goes to a blogging duo I recently stumbled upon, Mallory and Savannah from Classy ClutterThis living room DIY project is so tasteful…you have to see it to believe it.

What do you think of Eclecticism? Check out my Pinterest board on Eclecticism for more wonderful ideas!