Designing the Kids Room: Tips for Longevity

The key thing for me when it comes to designing a kids room is longevity. Constantly updating the space as your child grows and changes (which they do VERY often) is inconvienient and not purse friendly. The tip here is to create a space using muted pastel/earthy tones that have that tinge of colour, enough to satisfy the child’s craving yet keeping it ‘sophisticated’ enough that when that child is complaining about wanting to be more grown up, the room can be adjusted to suit his/her needs.

Wall art with inspiring quotes is another way to aid in longevity, teaching and also keeping up positive energy. After all, a child who is cranky and negative is never a good thing!



Inspired by colour blocking, this image is very modern in this sense. Wood cabinets such as these can be easily painted with chalk paint (no need for sanding down), to update the look and colour.

Here are a few more inspirations I found along my travels online. Take a look at my Pinterest board ‘Home with a child‘ for more.