Travel Diary: Waldorf Astoria Dubai

Last year I went to Dubai for the first time. It was a mind-blowing experience. If you know Dubai, you’ll know that over there everything, and I mean everything is exaggerated. The ultimate luxury from top cars to top hotels, you guessed it, you need quite a bit of buck to enjoy what it has to offer. Upon hearing of the newly opened Waldorf Astoria Hotel (the NY legend) I had to take a look inside for myself. So in I went, mindlessly perusing the lobby and floors, quietly to avoid suspicion that I indeed was NOT a resident of the hotel. ”Hello, can I help you?”, asked a gentleman in pristine uniform, to which I answered, ”Oh, just visiting a friend in Room 403”. I had to say 403, the size of this hotel meant there was minimum 300 rooms available, anything under 100 would have seemed rather ridiculous. He led me to the elevator, along the way I managed to take a few snapshots of what this beast of a hotel has to offer…






Oh and one more thing before I go, I couldn’t not sneak a picture in of the infamous one. Namely Burj Khalifa. Look out for more Dubai travel diaries, trip planned very soon…