10 Things to Buy This Season


Ten things to buy this season. From Interiors to food & drink to miscellaneous. Which one is your favourite?

  1. Gilded Pineapple Trinket Dish by Antrhopologie: Pineapples are everywhere in interiors. This gold dish is a perfect accent piece to your coffee or office table.
  2. Outliers by Malcom Gladwell: I was recently recommended this author and have since been hooked on his perspective to the way things work in this universe…a must read for anyone who enjoys an easy read.
  3. Geometric Coffee Table by West Elm: West Elm is just one of those brands that I can peruse through their website hours on end and love every single piece.
  4. Hydraengeas in Glass Vase by Kelly Hoppen: This gorgeous arrangement of faux flowers in a simple square glass vase is the epitome of Kelly Hoppen’s designs.
  5. Oversized Flannel Scarf by Old Navy: Cosy in a scarf.
  6. David Rio’s Tiger Spice Chai Tea: This warm and spicy tea is the ultimate autumn stay-indoors-and-watch-tv kind of drink.
  7. Urban Grow Diamond Terrarium Planter in Gold by Urban Outfitters: This gold barred plant holder can even be used as a candle holder or something to put your keys in?
  8. 36 pcs Educational Puzzle Mat/ Ebay: I recently bought this for my daughter who now enjoys a soft foamy texture under her while playing and crawling, with the added benefit of all those colours.
  9. Round Mirror by H&M: This can be hanged from a simple nail and still look really chic and rustic.
  10. SOCKER Greenhouse by IKEA: Love this piece in the Kitchen to house your favourite herbs.

What are your must-have items this season?