Book Review: Northern Delights & Kelly Hoppen Design Masterclass


These two books have a home on My Office desk. They are one of those books I always like to browse through, and each time I see something new in every picture I hadn’t realized the last time.

Firstly Northern Delightsif you are a fan on Scandinavian design or fascinated by the simplicity and practicality of everyday objects- then this book is for you. With case studies and detailed yet brief descriptions of each space, huge images (which for me is immediately a +1), this book compiles everything you need for a lazy day flip through with a cup of chai.

Secondly Kelly Hoppen Design Masterclass is an absolute beaut of a book. This is for everyone, including the fully fledged interior designers such as myself. It not only teaches you how to achieve her signature ‘look’ but also includes detailed plans and beautifully shot images of her work. Her luxury taste and exquisite knack for lavish accessories and soft furnishing make her the design icon she is. You have to read it to understand.

What are your favourite books?