6 Small Space Solutions

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In this day and age, house prices are on the rise and most of us end up with homes not as spacious as we could have hoped for. Here are some tips and solutions with trying to make your small space feel bigger.


1. Mirrors: The Ultimate way to bring light and depth to the room. This bathroom is a great example of how a simple opening mirror can widen the angle of light you see in the room. The glass floating shelf is a great way of utilizing the space above the sink.

2. Multi-task furniture: Using furniture to use as storage, as well as hiding existing cables and wiring like the image shown here. The scaled down furniture also makes the room seem larger than it is.

3. Room dividers: Usually small spaces have open plan layouts, to reduce the wall coverage. This example of a room divider makes the space flow while omitting the need for heavy, bulky dividers.

4. Go higher!: If you can’t go out, go up. Utilizing the small space you have doesn’t mean you can forget the height of the room. Creating higher pieces create the illusion of more room and bring the eye up.

5. Don’t forget the walls: Using every piece of wall space you have is key to not only creating more room for storage, but also for decorating.

6. Move furniture away from the walls: This may seem counterintuitive, yet moving the furniture to the middle of the room rather than against the walls creates a perimeter of space around the furniture-hence making it seem like you have more space than you actually do.