Styling the Night Stand

The night stand next to your bed is the place where all your comfort items are placed. Books, lip balms, hand creams, and candles create an atmosphere ready for deep sleep. Sometimes however, night stands have to be used practically as well as for comfort. On my night stand at the moment is this book and a lamp, along with a hair tie, an unsightly phone charger and a drawer packed full of makeup. See below…


Lacking flare and design, I began to contemplate sprucing it up. I found some inspiration in these images.


Using your night stand as a desk. A multi-functional yet aesthetically pleasing solution to the problem.


I found this option a little hectic, yet practical at the same time. Abundance of storage with this cart on wheels, you can buy a similar option here.


This is a great DIY project. Cardboard or paper mache letters like these I found from Hobby Craft, make for a fun way to get creative and bring some personality to the bedroom.


Maybe a little out there design-wise, this could also be implemented by using a stack of books instead of suitcases, hence using the books to read, one by one.


For fun, I thought this was such a clever way of using an old piece of wood to hang your things from the ceiling. Floating. Like a dream.

Hoping to get something done about my not-so-nice night stand soon…watch this space

What’s on your night stand?