Clever Styling Solutions for Those Awkward Spaces


We all have them around the house, they are those eyesore gaps and niches that are created not by the architects own fault (only sometimes) but by default. They are those awkward spaces like above the kitchen cabinets, dead corners, empty walls with light switches and meters in the middle, under the staircase, and in the bathroom. Our house is relatively new, built in 2013 we have the advantage of some more well-planned out interiors. However there will always be some part of the house where we umm and ahhh about what to do with it. Or maybe you never even noticed them before, well here are a few ideas I gathered to style those awkward spaces.


1.That Awkward Space above the Kitchen Cabinets: That awkward space is firstly out of reach and secondly, quite unsightly. I enjoy the idea of displaying items, artwork and other unusable items up there.


2. That awkward Wall of Switches: Why not disguise that awkward wall with a few light switches and meters with a gallery of white framed images. Neatly conceals them and creates a nice display.


3. That Awkward Space between the Toilet and the Tub: Using a narrow drawer cabinet to match the white tub this clever little solution can display an array of candles and bathroom decor while also hiding away those unsightly yet necessary items such as toilet cleaner and tissue paper.


4. That Awkward Space in the corner: Shelving is your best friend here. It creates a linear extension to the kitchen cabinets while also creating extra storage space!



5. That Awkward Space under the stairs: Personally I am not a fan of covering this place up and creating a closet or a storage room. This space (if you are lucky enough to live in a two story home) is a beautiful place to create an artwork that complements the design of your house.

Hope you found this inspirational! I will leave you with this image before I go….Chalkboard paint wall ideas! Watch this space!


BTB kitchenAndie-1