Dressing Tables to Die For

One of my guilty pleasures is makeup. From a young age I have been borderline obsessed with owning the newest beauty product and believe it or not, my love for blogging actually started from reading beauty blogs. In search of a happy middle between my obsession and my passion for interior design, I knew that I always wanted an extravagant yet laid back vanity. Want to get inspired with me?

I love the marble and gold accents of this vanity. Luxury and very hotel-like.

Clean and crisp. White on white on white. Not perfect for those makeup spills but chic nevertheless.
This glass top vanity is practical and beautiful at the same time.
The blue on white reminds me of a set of china, adding a few frames give a personal touch.
The use of this full length mirror in front of a simple desk adds an extravagant touch to the vanity space.


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