Questions to Ask Yourself Before Decorating

A lot of people ask me questions like ”Where do I put the couch?” or ”Where should the TV go?” or even ‘What colors should I use in X room?”. Before I attempt to answer any of these seemingly simple questions, I like to dig a little deeper. Of course if you were to hire a designer, they would do all the asking for you. So from my experience, I have gathered a few questions that I think are essential to ask yourself before you begin decorating sans professional help.


1. What is the room going to be used for?

This question may seem silly, however if you think about each room in your house and really ponder about what things you actually do in the room, you might surprise yourself when you find that you actually use the kitchen for example for socializing more than cooking. This means you should be thinking about seating arrangements. The living room might be a retreat is for relaxing, or a space where you gather all your friends in front of the TV for movies. Depending on your lifestyle and the way you use the space, each room should be designed accordingly.



2. What kind of lighting do you have/need?

Look at your blank canvas. How many windows do you have? What is the shape of the room? How much natural light do you have? Then move onto lighting fixtures, where you will place them and if they are already put in for you, how can you modify them to suit the mood of the room. Many homes have hanging cables from the ceiling where previous tenants have used lighting. You have two options, either to keep the placement and change the fixture or fix it and change positions. When it comes to lighting fixtures, think about direct lighting for reading and concentrating on particular objects/decor that you would like to focus on. Keep the lighting minimal however, and make use of as much of natural light as possible, it’s more flattering in my opinion.



3. What is your focal point?

I really like to emphasize on this question. Every room has a focal point. It’s the spot that catches your eye as soon as you walk in. It could be large bright windows, a fireplace, a particular niche in the wall that you want to highlight. This is the feature that you should bring peoples attention to as soon as they walk in. Highlighting it could be keeping it clear from furniture and excessive decor. Or it could be to add features to it like a slick of paint, a particular display of ornaments to bring it to life.



4. What is your signature style?

This is where the fun comes in, you can play around with the styles you enjoy. It could be a mixture of old and new, different textures, colors and personal items that represent who you are. Don’t follow what you see in the magazines to a point, take inspiration from them and add some personality to your space. Even if it is a piece of DIY that you are proud of, FRAME IT! Books and souvenirs you have got from your travels, DISPLAY THEM! Don’t be afraid to put your life on display, the trick is how to display them. Don’t over crowd a particular spot, and try to arrange your decorative accessories by harmonizing them with their surrounding. Trust your instinct. If it doesn’t look good to you, remove it and try something else. You will soon see your space growing into your own personalized signature style.


I hope you found this useful and have some fun with decorating!