Tiling 101

Tiling is never outdated. It’s clean, sleek and great for those easily-messy environments like the kitchen and bathroom. However tiles these days have moved to all the rooms. As an inexpensive solution to home DIY, with a few tips and tricks tiling can be incorporated into the room of your choice hassle-free.


The type of tile you use is of course based on your budget. Many homeware stores offer clearance on selected tiles and its best that if you’re planning a DIY project as big as this, I recommend waiting until you find the tiles you want at a discounted price. Once you’ve chosen your material (ceramic and porcelain are the least expensive) and you’ve chosen your pattern of tiling then you’re good to go!



You don’t have to pick the same tiles, a mixture of tiles gathered over a period of time will certainly create a personal touch.


Pick the placement carefully. You could perhaps choose a specific area to highlight which creates an interesting focal point to the room.One of my favourite places to look for unique tiles online is Etsy. They have a wide variety for all tastes and budgets.



All tiles need to be grouted and some like marble or slate need to be sealed afterwards. The type of grout you use differs depending on your budget with Epoxy for example being the most expensive. Choosing the colour of the grout also makes a difference to the overall result as it is the background of your project. You could use this to your advantage by using darker grout versus lighter tiles to create an effect or vice versa.



Tiles are not just ceramic or porcelain or marble. Wood is an excellent tiling material. Check out this DIY Wood Tile Headboard by Sugar & Cloth. Her use of wood in the bedroom is beautiful and updates the white in the room nicely.

Are you ready for your next tiling project?