New In: The Most Expensive Furniture

I don’t know whether I can justify paying an absurd amount of money for a piece of furniture, despite my love for interior design. These products are the epitome of luxury. They are frankly ridiculously priced, but after reading into each one, I kind of get why. Well, maybe not entirely but the fact they exist at such high prices made me curious to look into the high end side of interiors.  Please note the cheapest price on this list of furnishings is a 5-figure number.

Curious yet?


Rick Owens Boudeuse Couch:  

Priced at $78,750, made from 500-000 year old wood bark and alabaster, this masterpiece is described by the NYT as ”fashion to sit on”. Rick Owens use of rare materials and limited pieces designed as couture pieces for the artisans, it’s no wonder his work has such a hefty price tag.



Chandelier by Jeff Zimmerman:

This beautiful pearl-like chandelier is beautiful to look at, that’s a given. However Zimmerman’s lighting fixtures start at a whopping $125,000. As a master glass artist, each one of his glass objects are handcrafted and are used as illuminated sculptures. You can read more about his work here.



Vividus Mattress by Hastens:

No matter how much we love a good nights sleep, can you justify a $64,950 mattress? Each one box spring bed mattress needs between 140-160 people to create, hand-sewed and filled with things like cashmere feathers and horsehairs, i’m sure it is as comfortable as it gets.



Pininfarnina Aresline Xten Office Chair:

Founded by Battista ”Panin” Farnina, an Italian car design firm, it’s not surprising that this car-like office chair is just as sleek as a ferrari. Its’ Dynamic Synchronized Tilting System (what?) and cushion that conforms to the shape of your back, this is the most expensive item listed here. Wait for it. $1.5 million.


How much would you pay for a chair?