The Perfect Gift for the Host/Hostess


I don’t know about you, but when I am invited over by a friend/family and need to buy something to bring along with me I tend to go for the safe option of a box of chocolates. Now as much as I LOVE chocolate and I know most other people do too, it can get a bit boring and impersonal. What do you get then? Here are a few of my favorites.


This is a fool-proof gift. Candles are loved by everyone and these days candles are becoming part of the home decor and can be incorporated into a mixture of styles without having to pre-plan. One of the best places for candles in my opinion is TK Maxx. Their selection of niche brands and beautifully packaged candles and delicious scents are to die for. I could literally stand and smell their range for hours. If you don’t have a TK Maxx near you, try looking online at the brands they stock and shop from their respective online stores.



You might even have these lying around the kitchen cabinet. With the help of a few art supplies such as ribbons and sticky tape you can create the perfect gift that has a personal touch. My favorite ideas include gathering all the dry ingredients of your favorite cake/muffin/cookie mix along with the instructions for baking and you have a wonderful gift that keeps giving. Check out my Pinterest board here for more wonderful Mason Jar Ideas.



Yes you read correctly. The thing with flowers or anything living is that they eventually die and if your host doesn’t cater to it well, it isn’t likely to last long either. Want a gift that keeps giving? Buy a couple of faux flowers and a simple vase of your choice. You could even submerge them in water to create a floating effect. It will sure make them smile to see blooming flowers in their home that last forever.




If you want to get really creative, there are so many free printable pictures online with everything from quotes to abstract art. If you know the person well you could personalize your empty picture frame with a print of your choice. I love this type of gift. It really can make a picture frame become something special.


Any ideas for other host/hostess gifts?