Where to Shop For….

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When it comes to each individual item in the house, it’s hard to know where to start shopping for them. Each place offers a wide variety of pieces from furniture to accessories to lighting. But where to shop for each one. Some stores do it better than others and I’m here to break them apart from each other so you know exactly where to shop for….

1. Accessories: ANTHROPOLOGIE

Reasonably priced yet much-more-expensive-than-they-look kind of accessories.


2. Lighting: MADE.COM

At discounted prices from the high street you can find a vast variety of lighting fixtures that are very on-trend in the design world


3. Cushions & Throws: H&M HOME

If you have a decent piece of furniture, H&M home is the place to go for affordable cushions and throws which you can switch in and out every season. Easy shopping and something for every taste.


4. Furniture: WEST ELM

A little pricey but furniture is the one thing you need to splurge on in my opinion. They are the items that are going to have to last you the longest and need to be durable enough to sustain the daily usage. West Elm offer gorgeous pieces that are timeless.


5. Storage: IKEA

The swedish giant is by far the most worthy of this category. The endless storage options they have for all uses is so big you could literally organize your entire life at a very cheap price.


6. Bed Linens and Textiles: ZARA HOME

Zara Home offers the most luxurious bedding at the most reasonable price. With some linen sets made from 100% Egyptian cotton, it’s hard not to find the bed linen of your dreams (literally) here.


For other bits and bobs, I suggest IKEA again, who needs a $$$$ saucepan?

Where are your favorite places to shop?