I know what you’re thinking, the title of this post may seem a little odd but let me explain. Of course the bathroom is room, otherwise there wouldn’t be a room in the word itself. The word room to me is much deeper than that. In the past the bathroom would be a place of convenience rather than style. Today things have changed, bathrooms are a place to show off your sense of style and relaxation. It’s an image of how you present yourself. Here’s a few inspirational images to show how to make that bathroom of yours a room to enjoy being in.

Add Unique Fixtures: Why not try replacing your old bathroom fixtures for an instant renovation.


Add Artwork: Artwork is peaceful and serene to look at. Exactly how a bathroom should be.

Add Plenty of Storage: Unsightly bathroom objects shouldn’t be on display. Keep them stowed away behind something pretty.

Add Furniture: Adding a chair, or a side table will instantly create an atmosphere in your bathroom that speaks cosiness.

Add Greenery: If you are blessed with a bathroom with a window, then add as many plants as you desire. If not then faux plants can be incorporated as well and just as good!

Bathroom relaxation. Ahhhhhh.