Designer Spotlight: Chandos Dodson

This is a name I had not really heard about in the interior design community, until recently. Although she has been around for a while, interior designer Chandos Dodson and owner of Chandos Interiors is now a sought after designer, known for her incredible taste of ‘whimsical luxury’ as she likes to call it. Her clientele are very specific and are almost certainly tailored to her signature style but the way she creates her spaces captured me just the same way my idol Kelly Hoppen did.


When I stumbled upon her website, the first thing that caught my attention when I clicked on her portfolio was this:

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 10.51.59 AM

Her range of styles, all broken up into categories is my idea of what a portfolio should look like. For me, when a client is searching for his/her designer, they already have an image of what their space wants to look like. When they are greeted by this, they immediately can vision the outcome based on layman’s terms of design styles. Easy and effective at the same time, you are instantly drawn to her. To show you the entire portfolio here would be time consuming and frankly would make you drool, but if you want to take a look for yourself click here.


Named by Southern Living as Best New Kitchen Designer for her crafty open-shelved storage, decorative hood and eclectic modern kitchen design, she certainly has the skill and unique identity that glimmers in her bespoke interiors. House Beautiful even named her as a ”new wave” of interior designers in 2010 which gave her the spotlight to create these masterpieces. Inspired by English and French decor, she also says that wallpaper is a must in all rooms and that she is ”using them on everything”.


Chandos Dodson is by far someone to look out for, her name was unique enough for me to research her work. More designer spotlight posts to come, any recommendations of who some of your favorite designers are?