How Organized Are You?

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Today’s post is for the messy and careless teenager inside each and every one of us. I am no exception, life with a child is a hectic and disorderly life. ”Ain’t nobody got no time for organizing” is the phrase I use daily. Until I saw these images which made me cry a little inside…

Whether it’s labeling everything you have or arranging them in a tidy manner where everything can be seen and nothing is pushed to the back of the cabinet and out of reach, organizing anything in the home is a big task and needs a lot of willpower to minimizing the things you use versus the things you just have laying there. Useless and unimportant. On a mission to capsulize everything in my life in the hope of becoming a cool minimalistic mum I sought out the most organized spaces I have ever seen.

The fact that everything here is on display and you can actually see behind each item amazes me. Pantry of dreams.
This linen closet is something I aspire to have. From the labelling of the shelves, to the wallpaper in the background, this is a perfect example of how one should organize things.
Now if only I had a laundry room as big as this, I would have been able to create this.
Minimal and colour coordinated. Capsule wardrobe at its best.
Each white box is filled with colour, the desk is pristine, housing just the necessities.


Excuse me while I go and organize my life.