New Years Decor & DIY Home Fragrance


Officially the last post of 2015, and because NYE is just around the corner, before I set off for a much needed break to unwind, enjoy some family time and brainstorm content ideas for 2016, I wanted to leave you all with the best things you can do for New Years, besides your resolutions. Plus DIY home fragrance to surprise your guests as they come in to celebrate 2016 with you. It’s so easy and the result is magical.


To create an amazing smell without the hazard of lighting a million candles on NYE, you can raid your kitchen pantry for some household spices to create the most warming scent ever.


What you’ll need:

Cinnamon Sticks (the more the better)

Cloves (a teaspoon will do)

2 Bay leaves

Slices of Orange, Lemon or Lime

Rosemary (optional)

A saucepan filled with water

Throw everything in the saucepan and let it simmer on a medium heat for about an hour, once the smell has filled the room you could leave it there or let it slowly continue to simmer on a low heat. Keep in mind to touch up the water if it decreases as this is what gives off the scent through its steam. Good luck and Enjoy!