Travel Diaries: Vacation Recap

On my travels to Dubai over the Christmas & New Years to visit family, I had to bring my camera along of course. The desert city is packed with beautiful decor and inspirational ideas however only a few things had to be mentioned here. First up in an upcoming boom of the area is the tall D1 Residences that towers over the Dubai Creek and soon to open Culture Village. The tall glass skyscraper is a near lookalike to the Q1 Tower in Queensland, Austraila minus the draping canape on the entrance of the tower.

D1 Tower overlooking the planned Culture Village, Palazzo Versace Hotel and Dubai Creek
D1 Tower overlooking the planned Culture Village, Palazzo Versace Hotel and Dubai Creek

Inside, the elegant sophistication of the tower is muted and nearly feminized with the floral motif that spans across the entire interior and carved into the glass exterior. The tall steel partition that meets you as you enter the reception/lobby area is vast yet elegant at the same time. Covered in Italian Travertine, the walls are beautifully embossed with the same theme of floral motif, bringing the entire design to completion.








Adjacent to the D1 Residences is the newly opened Hotel Palazzo Versace. This magnificent creek-side 5 star luxury is hard to miss with its italian inspired architecture, and in case you miss where you are as you enter, you are sure to be reminded with the versace logo plastered everywhere from floor to ceiling. Exuding luxury value, this hotel is aimed at those who want to bask in italian renaissance wealth.

palazzo-versace-dubai (1)





Bringing things back down to reality, two restaurants that were quirky and well designed enough to enter my post are fittingly located in perhaps one of my favorite spots in Dubai, JBR The Beach. Overlooking The Palm Jumeirah and with everything from restaurants to lounges to hotels to outdoor gyms, this part of the coastline is always vibrant and packed with things to do. The two restaurants in question were Awani, a lebanese restaurant that was so untraditionally designed that I had to love it, and the more laid back Pots, Pans & Boards.



The walls of Awani were plastered with cups, saucers and plates of all different colors and styles. Made me think of a renovation project in my kitchen. The simple yet warming feel you get is that of the welcoming spirit of Lebanon and its food.




In contrast to Awani was Pots, Pans & Boards. With its industrial and laid back style of mix match chairs and tables, to the tinned food and mason jars filled with preservatives and pickles on display. The rustic and homey vibe is very cool and modern, the food was impeccable and the service even more friendly. You get the sense that you are in a no-fuss restaurant from the start which instantly makes you happier and more relaxed.


The great thing about traveling is seeing new things and coming back refreshed and energized and filled with new ideas of opportunities and exciting ambitions! It truly does impact us in ways we least expect. Until my next travel diaries, here is to exploring and new adventures!