Common Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid

I see many mistakes when it comes to home decor, and unsurprisingly, they are way too common and recurring. Not everybody has a knack for style or a creative eye, so when it comes to decorating your own abode, these mistakes sometimes come naturally, but are totally avoidable. Here are the most common interior design mistakes that you can fix now!



This is probably by far the most important tip I can give you. Think about the scale and proportion of the things in your room. If you have low ceilings, don’t be afraid to go higher with your accessories, lighting etc. and vice versa. Large rooms don’t have to be met with bulky pieces of furniture either, which will unintentionally make the room look smaller. Same goes for smaller rooms, don’t incorporate downsized furniture as this can draw attention the fact that the room is smaller than it actually is. Another tip is to allow a flow of space in your room, think about pushing furniture away from the walls rather than against them.


Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 9.24.05 AM

Don’t rush with buying things for your space. Impulse buying is very common, people see magazines and home furniture catalogues and think that they can recreate the same look in their own rooms. Just remember that what looks good somewhere may not necessarily look good for you. Following trends is great, but knowing how to pick those trends and pairing them with your own individual style is what will create a well decorated space. Don’t make your room into something out of the catalogue, but something that is worthy to become a great talking point for guests. On the other side of this is quick-fix buying. Remember the table that you bought to fill a void in the room that broke a year later? Invest in pieces that will last you a lifetime and can adjust to trends and time.



When it comes to accessorizing, the most common mistake I see is overdoing it, mixing way too many pieces in one area. This can create a cluttered room and a disproportionate amount of decor. Holding onto nostalgic items and displaying them unnecessarily can also create a mishap look to the space. Instead of displaying everything, try to organize them in a way that is both useful and stylish at the same time.



Take a look at this picture very closely. The two windows in the space are different, one starts from the ceiling while the other begins a little lower down. Both however have the correct curtain placement. No matter the shape or size of your windows, always take your curtain poles higher to add length and height to the room. Never end your curtains at the end of the window sill, rather take them down to touch the floor, which again creates a luxurious length to the space and frames them nicely.



Having too many matching pieces of furniture and colors can throw you off. Keep things in harmony and create a unified mix of patterns and textures and try not to match every piece in your space with one another. Don’t be afraid of adding color and contrasting objects either, this can add depth and personality and keep the eye entertained.

Those are my tips of mistakes you can avoid, watch this space next week for design myths that were MADE to be broken!