5 Instant Mood Boosters

When you’re feeling a little down in the dumps, there are is only so much that you can do that will instantly lift your spirits. Sometimes all you need is a break from reality and life’s routine and what I find that instantly improves your mood within seconds are so simple, it’s hard to think why you can ever be in a mood again.



TURN ON THE MUSIC: Music has the magic to transport us into the lyrics and the melody. Humming along or even dancing to the beat will make it even easier to boot your mood within seconds. I find when I put on my favorite tunes, I can forget my troubles and concentrate on the moment at hand.

GO OUTSIDE: You’ve probably heard this one a lot, but taking a stroll outside, even in the rain can uplift your spirits and amp up your adrenaline which is the hormone that makes you gitty and happy. Beside the fact that it’s good for you, going outside and breathing in some much needed O2 is exactly what a dampened mood needs.

COOK YOUR FAVORITE MEAL: You could opt for the healthier approach and make sure you’re eating your fruit and veg but when it comes to lifting your mood, we all know that some good old comfort food or your guilty pleasure is exactly what you need. So long as you don’t binge eat, actually preparing the meal, cooking along to your favorite music is a great therapeutic way to release your energy, plus you get to eat your favorite dish at the end.

DIGITAL DETOX: Perhaps one of the most difficult things to do (trust me-I’ve tried it), but turning off your smartphone, TV, tablet and computers is actually an insanely great way to lift your spirits. This day and age, social media is so time consuming and can affect us in so many ways mentally, what we all should be doing every now and then is hitting the refresh button and taking a break. Turn everything off, sit, relax and unwind with a good old fashioned book.

CLEAR OUT CLUTTER: This may not be everybody’s idea of boosting your mood, however you don’t know how satisfying it can be to finally clear out that closet or that drawer which houses every piece you don’t need. Tidying up can create a space which makes you feel less stressed and more likely to chill out in-hence lifting your mood.

 Short, sweet and simple. What are your ways to de-stress?