Palette of The Week #8


Inspired by the melancholy winter days and short daytime light, this weeks palette of the week is full on monochrome. Black & White doesn’t have to be boring, it can be as classy as you make it, the key here is simplicity and minimalism. Try to think of a blank white canvas, and gradually add shades of grey, black and taupes. Here are some inspirational images…

A white canvas, with black details. Monochrome office perfection!
Add character to your black and white with pops of greenery and a mixture of patterns and textures.
If black and white isn’t you’re thing then adding warm taupe colors will instantly make the room less crisp and more cosy.
Accessorize correctly. Think simple.
Even the kids room can be monochrome, it’s a new day and age, who says kids don’t have to be sophisticated?