Printspiration- How to Put Prints in your Decor

When it comes to prints in home decor, people are very weary of incorporating them, fearing that it will look too over the top or would make the room look smaller etc. With any print, it can have the tendency to look extremely bold if you don’t do it right. Four prints in particular that have stormed the design world, and some of my favorites in home decor are what I have chosen to showcase in todays prints-piration post! Keep reading…




Loved by celebrities, hotels and interior designers alike, the originally named ”Martinique Wallpaper” is fast growing into a popular design trend. As extravagant as it may look, the banana palm print is actually quite laid back yet exotic enough to be unique and eye-catching. The way to incorporate this print in your home decor is subtly, subtly being the key word here. Choose one wall, or use them in textiles or accessories. Keep everything else balanced and neutral in color. Other than that, banana palm away to your hearts content.




This print is also very known worldwide. Orla Kiely is everywhere from stationary to clothes to handbags, but has recently dived into home decor. Her iconic prints are stand out items available in a variety of color combinations so they are extremely versatile. Her wallpaper in particular is some of her best selling items. You could plaster the entire wall with it or keep it to a minimum and fix them behind shelving units for that pop of orla.





Originated in Iran but named after a town in Scotland where the textile was made, the paisley print can seem outdated and something your grandma would have had in her home but I think that when used correctly it has a shabby chic vibe to it. Upholstering chairs and framework with this print can act as your focal point while using them in your bedding and textiles will instantly give a cosy and friendly vibe to the space.


By far my favorite of the bunch for its classic, luxury feel and in particular its nostalgic vibe. This seemingly everlasting print will forever be ‘on trend’ and its unique way of being able to transform with the times is what makes it so special. Take a look at the inspirational photos I have chosen here to see exactly how it does this.




What other prints do you like incorporating in your home?