How to Be & Stay More Productive

I am a huge advocate of planning, to-do lists and basically anything that involves writing little memo notes to myself to help me remember and organize my day. I am a little old school in the fact that I enjoy writing things down using pen and paper rather than type away on a computer or smartphone. Over the years, I have managed to accumulate a few things that help me be and stay more productive.

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Choose what best suits you. The way you feel most comfortable expressing yourself whether it be by hand or by computer, use your instincts. For pen and paper fans like myself, I would recommend the Soft Touch Large Weekly Diary, it contains a well spaced page with the days of the week on one side and a large page opposite to write notes. I use this for my blog post scheduling, other purposes could be shopping lists, errands to run or even dishes and recipes to cook. For the digital lover, I recommend Momento. I saw this in Starbucks’ Pick of the Week card at the end of the order queue and instantly thought I would give it a go. It’s user friendly and can connect easily to all your social media platforms.


This may sound daunting but trust me it works. Before you go to bed at night, instead of scrolling away endlessly through Facebook and Instagram, take a few minutes out of your bedtime routine to jot down what needs doing the following day. Consult that page in the morning and start the day right. Personally I would recommend The Five Minute Journal by entrepreneurs Alex Ikonn & UJ Ramdas. This brilliant concept has truly changed the way I speak with myself and carry out my day to day life. Another project coming out at the end of January by the same people is The Productivity Planner, read more about it here. I will surely be getting my hands on that soon!


Stressing over things you didn’t manage to accomplish will only make you procrastinate more and will eventually lead you into a lull where nothing gets done. Just remember to prioritize the tasks according to importance, and get the most important ones out of the way first. The rest were already categorized by yourself as not so important, so transfer them to the following day if you didn’t manage to finish them today.

For all you mums out there, if you want to listen to how the editor of blog The Mom Creative, Jessica Turner makes the most out of her day with three kids then listen here. Jessica Lively’s free podcasts are 30-minute interviews with all kinds of people and it’s all about ”adding extra intention to your day”. I would definitely recommend.