Industrial Living: Love or Hate?

The renovation of old factories and warehouses has been practiced for a long time since science and technology showed up and the need for old warehouses and factories became needless. The trend sparked by these transformations became huge in New York City, where industrial living is showcased at its best with the flaunting of concrete walls and open ventilation systems. It made way to a whole new approach to interior design, where old unsightly elements become part of the design itself.


Characterized by unfinished walls and flooring, metals and open piping, the industrial look cannot be easily created. The space itself must house some of these features for the effect to be complete. Yet incorporating industrial elements to your space is not difficult at all. Take a look at these spaces for inspirational ideas.

  • Oversized industrial clocks and wood crates


  • Vintage hardware and metal accent pieces


  • Large spotlights and lighting systems


  • Hanging pendant lights and refurbished coffee tables


  • Exposed bathroom fixtures


  • Distressed and worn looking Furniture


These little elements can create that industrial cool vibe in your space, without having to rent out the nearest run down warehouse or factory! What are your favorite pieces in industrial living?