Current Obsession & Shop The Look: Bloomingville ®

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One thing I have been absolutely lusting over this past month has definitely got to be the crisp yet elegant style of Scandinavia. The Nordic countries, along with Denmark are a museum of art and design in itself, making my heart skip a beat every time I see something. Throughout my daily obsessive nature of rummaging around in magazines and websites alike, one brand in particular kept popping up, and I can safetly say that I have finally found what might be my dream brand of everything homeware. Bloomingville.

 If you want to check out the latest collection of Spring/Summer 2016, you can have a look for yourself here, or even download the catalogue to read through later, beautifully laid out this collection is already making me swoon for spring. What I wanted to do was recreate the Scandi Home look that many of us aspire to have, using products I picked out from Bloomingville. Shop the look here….

Image: Elle Decor

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Most pieces in the collection have that quintessential scandi feel to them, combining pastels and greys for spring/summer and warm dusky hues for the colder months. You can tell just by looking at each piece how easily they can combine with other pieces from different ranges and just how much thought has gone into each one. It’s times like these that I wish I had a large white loft in the middle of Sweden where I could scandi until my heart desires.