Parisian Chic Interiors: Style the Look


Ever wondered how Parisians are so elegant? Just like their fashion sense, paris natives have a way about the way they hold their homes; stylish and chic. Because they are so fortunate to own homes in Haussmann buildings with decadent architecture, it’s not hard to see how effortless designing their homes can be when they have the canvas pretty much laid out in front of them. Yet parisians are famous for their notorious brocantes (French for Flea Markets) finds. Mixing it up with old and new and eclectic touches á la Philippe Starck, they can create a harmonious style that flatters all spaces and sizes. Here’s how they do it…

Image Architectural Digest
  1. Styling parisian chic is all about eclecticism. Mixing prints and textures, old and new pieces is what makes this style so unique.


Image Architectural Digest
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2. If you are not blessed with high ceilings, adding full length mirrors with a renaissance-esque frame will instantly transform the size and style of your room.

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3. Hit the markets. Try to find unique finds that might complement your interior and mix it up a little! Add a statement piece like this sofa above for that parisian elegance.



4. This luxury parisian home was designed by the ever so famous creator of luxury Parisian real estate company Gérard Faivre, in it he effortlessly uses the magnificent architecture he was working with and add pieces of furniture and accessories that combine to create this wonderfully luxurious home.

Image Garance Dore
Image Garance Dore

5. Last but not least this is the home of Ramdane & Victoire, a couple who live in this city apartment have designed together another eclectic number, mixing chairs, styles with just enough room for their own personality and style.


Will you be shopping the Parisian look?