New In: Blandito – The New Sofa Concept


Designed by Oradaria Design, this concept to change the sofa morphology is what came about after a chat about how the traditional living room can be transformed into something different, unique yet still functional. What if a sofa could be a huge pillow? What if it had no hard backs or arms? What if you could literally wrap the entire sofa around you? These questions were quite literally brought to the table, and the end result? Blandito.

With its flexible frame and malleable structure, Blandito is an easy and relaxed way to ‘chill out on the sofa’.¬†For a look at just a few ways the Blandito can transform to suit you and your family’s needs, check out the photos below of what it can do.





I do admit, it isn’t as beautifully looking as the modern day sofa, but perhaps for the kids room or a for a portable sofa to take away on holidays, this invention is genius in my book!