Mural Wall Inspiration


Inspired by the traditional murals you see on older interiors that have lasted decades, I was intrigued to see how they can be implemented in today’s contemporary design. From florals to exotic imagery, murals are indeed back and here are my top picks.

Image by Anna Ismagilova

This wall mural by artist Anna Ismagilova is a wonderful accent to the neutral interior. Perfectly combined with the throw pillows from the same color palette in the mural, this interior is chic yet sophisticated at the same time.

Image by Homesthetics

Watercolour paint mural at its best, occupying the entire length and width of the wall, this mural is magnificently subtle in its own way.

Image by Sorsluxe

Keeping it neutral with the color palette, this ethereal mural behind the bed is the perfect compliment to a relaxing atmosphere.

Image by Surface View

This enamel panel from Surface View edits is inspired by the Chinoiserie lifestyle. Placed on a dark backdrop such as the interior above makes it stand out in the empty hallway.

Image by Anabo

This beautifully hand painted mural shows how an exotic green print can be combined with gold to create the ultimate glamorous interior.

Image by Architectural Digest

Last but certainly not least, this wall mural was implemented to renovate the oldest house in Washington DC. Designed by Mariette Himes Gomez, this house is a neoclassical haven of murals and mid century pieces.

What do you think of wall murals? Have you been inspired?