TGIF: Friday Fitness Files- MARCH ’16


It is month number two in this series of Friday Fitness Files, and let’s just say the February started off with a rocky start. Plans were broken, meals were eaten and exercise routines were (mostly) followed. Month two is here and I plan on giving my butt a good kick. Here are some of the things I will be changing this month in terms of food and fitness:

  1. CUT BACK ON DAIRY: Oat milk and the occasional crumble of feta cheese is what is on my shopping list this month. Dairy is a huge part of my diet and I can see the toll it has on my workout in terms of bloating and feeling really sluggish. Swapping the dairy for the more healthier option will be hard but luckily there are so many options in the supermarket these days and oat milk is my new obsession!
  2. INVEST IN SOME GOOD COOKBOOKS: I have been tirelessly clicking through website after website and have finally come to the conclusion that investing in a couple of healthy cookbooks will most certainly help change my outlook on meals and make them more exciting. The actual thrill of turning the pages of a good cook book and feeling inspired will help keep me motivated to stick to this new lifestyle.
  3. DON’T PUSH THE WORKOUTS: This is long term commitment and I plan on taking baby steps when it comes to working out. Three times a week is a great start for me and with a few brisk walks here and there will take the stress out of having to commit to a fitness plan.
  4. LOUNGE IN WORKOUT GEAR: Have you ever felt more motivated than when lounging at home in your workout gear? I plan on changing into my favorite gear in the morning to help curb those cravings as I see myself in the mirror…trust me, it works!
  5. AMP UP WATER INTAKE: Besides the many skin benefits of water which may sound cliche but they do indeed work, water is a great way to curb your appetite before a meal. Staying hydrated may be tough for some but I have found an app, iDrated which is great in monitoring your water intake and helps to remind you to drink your daily dose.