The Best Window Treatment Ideas You Will Ever See


The time for those old curtains and blinds that are designed to shade your windows is out and the new window treatments are in. Exhausted with the plain and somewhat pointless curtain fixtures hanging all over the place, I found some exquisite ideas to spruce your windows and make them stand out.


These panels or overlays are so unique and adaptable to any window size and style. They are basically laser-cut patterns that are placed directly onto the surface to create a subtle overcast to the window. For more of a shaded function to your windows, the more dense the pattern should be. You can really play around with these and the end result is beautiful to say the least.


This invention creates windows that literally open up to the outside environment, creating a flow of light that is immense. Curated for larger windows, this style of shutters that are fitted along a rail and can be moved to the alignment necessary is a great focal point and a huge statement in any space.


Although not a new concept of window treatments and an evolution of the blinds system, this is one that can be manipulated and customized to the utmost. Want that particular fabric in that particular colour and style as a picture frame from your windows? Most window treatment suppliers do these shades nowadays and are probably the most affordable option which are aesthetically pleasing to look at the same time.


Gone are the old hanging curtains, and here is the new take on the old design concept. Contrast trimmed curtains are the focal point to your windows. Acting like an interior frame to the glass, they perfectly outline your windows and create a subtle contrast in color or pattern that can add that extra punch into your boring old curtains. Easy to do at most tailors, contrast trims can be added to existing curtain fabrics in an instant.

Which window treatment is your favorite? Mine is the latter…