Interior Design Spotlight: Jasmin Taylor’s Berlin Apartment

Once a refugee from Iran, Jasmin Taylor migrated to Germany to begin a new chapter in her life. Now head of JT Touristik, a thriving online holiday booking site she has recently opened up her home in Berlin-Charlottenburg to the eyes of the public. Her house is a mixture of her Iranian heritage and modern influences which create a perfect depiction of her sense of style and taste.


Designed by Holger Hansen and Karim El-Barbari from HansenWinkler, Jasmin was clear to point out that she wanted a place that would aid as her home but also as a work environment. She also wanted influences from her heritage to be combined in a way that was comfortable as well as chic.




Her inspiration was a clean-cut and symmetrical layout which is well shown in the design her home. She describes the process of designing this home as a lengthy one which was a personal experience to her rooting her to her heritage and traditions.



When asked to describe her style, she said it was a mixture of Persian and Prussia, adding a tip to include elements in your home that bring you joy, that are reminiscent of something beautiful and that speak about you, saying ”create a space that is your home not only on paper”, which in true fact is all that anyone needs to do.

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