Attic Transformations for Every Room in the House


Attics are not the dreaded room in the space above your head that you store junk in and never seem to dare set foot in. Attics are common place in many european architecture and are now being transformed into extra rooms as they do not need planning permissions and are relatively easy to decorate, apart from the slanted ceilings. Now this is especially a hindrance when you are looking for extra storage or the current furniture you own are too high or bulky for the space. Attics however have something many other rooms don’t and that is space. I mean this by the flow of movement you can create by simple planning.

Just to prove that the attic can be transformed into any room you desire, take a look below.

THE BEDROOM: The most obvious choice, the attic is a great place for a serene and tranquil bedroom. If your willing to compromise on closet space, this is your best bet.


THE WORKSPACE: There is something about working from the attic that makes me want an office in one straight away. Tuck yourself away into your work and your own little concentration tank.


THE KITCHEN: Who knew that a kitchen in the attic would be a valid idea? Uncommon maybe but practical nevertheless. The high ceilings are great for kitchen spaces and if you can create lower storage cabinets around the perimeter you can even add your own table/island in the middle.


THE KIDS ROOM: For all you mums out there, wouldn’t this be the ultimate solution to your cluttered toys and noisy children?


THE BATHROOM: With the right plumbing, a bathroom in the attic is the ultimate luxury. Skylights provide light and privacy and the bathroom can be tailored to your own needs.


THE WALK-IN CLOSET: This is a fashionista’s dream. A place where you can hang your clothes on show, create a shoedrobe (shoe wardrobe), hang a mirror and have your own little fashion runway in your home.


THE CHILLOUT SPACE: The great thing about chillout areas is the fact that many of the items are already low in height, the need for storage is useless and you can just utilize the space for what it is, a relaxation attic.


What other uses can you think of for transforming your attic? Are you blessed with one! Let me know!


  • we are looking for a new home right now, and one of the requirements is an attic. I need a place for my studio, and until I can build a separate one where ever we move, I’ll need an attic. And that kids room? Killer! I would sleep up there in that tent. perfect for grandkids. lol