Where Do You Like Your TV?


Although we live in a very technology driven world, more and more people are using smartphones and tablets over the conventional TV just out of convenience. Television cabinets or ”tv walls” as I like to call them are in dire need of an aesthetic push up. Gone are the days when wires and cables are on show and one of my worst pet peeves is the dreaded tv-in-the-corner position. Whether you want to hide it from view, or you want it to be a focal point of the room there is a way to showcase your TV, the way you like it.



These options are either fully hidden ideas or just subtle ways to blend your tv into the background which is my personal favourite. This creates a whole new dimension to the room in which you are treating the wall behind it as a work of in itself. With so many different innovative products on the market, there are so many options to choose from.


Extravagant tv cabinets are sold in homeware stores as a one piece item nowadays. Just walking through the stores you can see how much effort in the design process and the way cabinets are displayed to emphasize the tv wall further. By adding your own touch to the accessories around it, playing around with different lighting possibilities, the list design ideas is practically endless and can be tailored to fit your room.

Which way do you like your TV?