The 100th Post


This is a special post. When I first starting this blog, the intent was to stay motivated and committed but it never actually resonated as much as it does now. 100 posts later, I am still feeling inspired and motivated to keep this going. Something I find so powerful with this platform is the fact that I can write about just whatever I want, whenever I want. Compiling images and posts and ideas is something that I wake up thinking about and quickly having to reach for my notebook to jot down ideas.

As part of my celebratory mood, I wanted to share with you dear reader,whether old or new, some of my favourite posts, the best of My Interior Therapy so far.

One category of posts that I love to write about is the design spotlight edit. This is where I showcase a particular space, and focus on every detail and concept of the design itself or the designer even. Jasmin Taylor’s Berlin Apartment is one worth looking at.

Instagram is a portal I use often (Follow me @myinteriortherapy), and some accounts are to die for. I love scrolling endlessly through these accounts in particular, want to know which ones they are? Head over to my post on my Top 5 Interior-Instagrammers!

Two posts that go hand in hand were the Common Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid and 10 Design Myths Busted. These two took a while to research as I wanted to focus on relatively common mistakes people do and contrasting design myths that people think are true and what I wanted to break. They are worth a read so go check it out!

Other questions you have about your home decor? Check out Questions to Ask Yourself before Decorating and my Home Decor FAQ, which I intend to become a regular edit on the blog. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me on my social media links on the homepage!

Last but certainly not least, and something different from interior design, my Food Edit here is 100% made by yours truly and all the recipes are inspired by a healthy eating and satisfying lifestyle choice. Sounds like your cup of tea?

I really hope you are all enjoying the content My Interior Therapy has to offer and this platform will always be an inspirational archive for all of you!

Until the next post….Thank you!