New In: The Latest Trends in Outdoor Design


In the current issue for Elle Decoration UK, Stylist and creative director Hannah Bort along with photographer Luke Kirwan created this beautiful editorial showcasing the latest trends in outdoor design. Whether you have a garden, terrace or small patio area, outdoor furniture and decor is becoming ever more individual. This editorial is colour-packed, vibrant and yet laid back. This colourful and playful set up is bound to quench your thirst for hotter weather and garden parties.

The same set of wicker-furniture with its box form and edgy structure is no more. Garden furniture is a mere extension of your interior furniture. Even the accessories can be placed either indoors or out. Notice also the way in which the layout is set out, the layout here is key for a comfortable and inviting outdoor space.


From chaise-lounges to side tables and even the odd neoprene rug, the whole atmosphere is catered towards it being another room rather than a separate outdoor space. The use of these colours in particular stems from the colour trends predicted early 2016. Reds, oranges and yellows are eye-catching, fun and are a wonderful contrast to blue and green which are evident in outdoor ‘rooms’. I would quite like to think of outdoor design as extra ‘rooms’ to tackle in home decor.


Sofas and armchairs are different, not a matching set you would buy in your usual homeware store. The addition of extra pieces such as the serving cart, or the console with an outdoor electric stove makes it easier for the space to be functional as well as looking good. Of course plants are a necessity, allowing for the place to still feel like you are outdoors. Lighting is making a change too, not only are candles and outdoor floor lighting non-existent in this editorial, but floor lamps with sturdy frames are the replacement. Adding accessories such as shelving like the ones you see below, wire-frame and simple enough to blend into the environment without looking as bulky pieces of furniture blocking your view from sight.


A great editorial in my book, really bringing life into outdoor rooms and making us interior designers have an extra dimension and body of work to deal with!