Shop The Look: Top 5 Whimsical Lighting Fixtures


I love lighting fixtures. Although they can be easily overlooked when designing a space, they are paramount to the way the room looks. Not only serving a functional purpose, the correct usage, placement and style of a lighting fixture can actually make or break your space. This is where it gets fun. Think of lighting as a necessary and obligatory accessory. Something that is meant to serve an important purpose but where you can show off your style and make a statement. I managed to search through the internet for accessible items which are whimsical yet oddly beautiful at the same time.

  1. MELT PENDANT LIGHTS BY TOM DIXON: Tom Dixon is THE KING of lighting fixtures in my book. Just check out his insane collection on his website.


2. MIRANDA PENDANT CHANDELIER, MADE.COM: This beautifully crafted pineapple pendant made from glass and nickel is a whimsical addition to any interior.

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 1.00.38 PM

3. SELETTI HANGING MONKEY LAMP : A weird one I must admit and certainly not for everyone, but this hanging monkey will sure create a statement.


4. TOM RAFFIED SKIPPER PENDANT LIGHT: This is a sculpture in itself, the organic curves and butterfly effect design is striking in nature yet modest in material.

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 1.06.59 PM

5. LEE BROOM CRESCENT TABLE LAMP: Lee Broom is another amazing designer who ceases to amaze me with his product design, check out his online collection and be fascinated!


What do you think of this whimsical collection?