Event Design 101


When it comes to events and interior design, both go hand in hand. More and more designers are widening their field and actually dabbing in event design as part of their repertoire. Since event season has officially arrived and more and more people wait for hotter days to cater for their events be it weddings, birthdays or graduation parties, event designers are fully booked this time of year. If you don’t have the funds to hire an event designer dedicated to coordinating your party from A-Z, I thought I would include a few tips and questions to ask yourself that can help you begin planning for your special day.


This is by far the most important feature to your event when it comes to the design phase. A theme is what makes the event fun and when you pick your desired theme, it should be much easier to coordinated everything else from there. Your theme should be based on three things; your venue, your catering and your decor. Extravagant themes call for extravagant decor and particular food while relaxed themes call for a more laid back atmosphere and perhaps finger food. In terms of colour, dress code and even entertainment, the theme is always key and your starting point before planning anything.


Your venue should tie well with the number of guests you are inviting. There is no point holding an event at home while inviting 70 guests that have to be crammed into one place. Make sure your venue can hold the amount of people you wish to attend and adjust the ratio from there. Many restaurants now allow events to be booked in advance, hotels are a good option for larger events such as weddings and town houses or private gardens can be used for outdoor events. This is obviously where funds come into play, however it is not necessary to spend a lot on a venue when you could easily find a cheaper option and decorate it to your liking.


This is where people can go overboard. I know how much everybody would love to get the perfect Pinterest-worthy event, utilizing all their savings on just one day however in reality this is not an option for everyone. Knowing exactly where to splurge and where to save is key in finding a balance to your event hence causing you less stress and anxiety when the big day arrives. In my opinion, catering and service is something to splurge on, as well as lighting and accessories whereas flowers are definitely not worth the splurge when you can utilize a more economical and friendly way to decorate your space.


Moving nicely from the topic of saving money, invitations are party favors are so versatile these days that they can pretty much be done yourself without the help from retailers. The digital world and social media is a great tool for saving on invitations that will eventually be thrown away or DIY party favors that will not be cherished forever as you may think. There are so many tutorials online on party favors especially and if you spend enough time in advance it can be a perfect addition to your event.

What events do you have coming up this year?