Palette of the Week #19


This weeks moody combination brings you purple and yellow. However not just any purple and yellow, the contrast between deep mustard-almost-orange yellow and the vibrant indigo purple. I recently posted a picture on my instagram that struck me and had rave likability from the crowd so I decided to delve in a little deeper into this wonderful harmonious yet not your average colour palette. Take a look…

This is the photo I posted to instagram; now the palette here is mainly white but I enjoyed the pop of colour that the aubergine purple and mustard yellow tone brought to the space. Sophisticated yet still fun.

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 10.36.57 AM

A more muted version of the palette, combining it with gold accents and taupe backdrops is an excellent way to use this palette subtly by use of accessories such as pillows and lamp shades.


Playing around with textures such as this suede/velvet number is also a way to add a little character and even tone done the vibrancy of the indigo just a little. Matching it with darker tones in the walls creates a moody atmosphere that is still inviting.


This is how to go all out, the tones here have had so much exposure they stand out heavily. Daring to say the least, they still complement each other in a wonderfully whimsical manner.


I love the accent details on this muted lavender sofa. This could work great for beddings also, and combined with natural/taupe shades on the walls and floor will make it ever so chic.


Yellow and purple don’t have to be modern, they can also be vintage like this accent table shows here. This creates a harmonious balance of colour vs. era which makes the palette stand out.


What did you think of this colour palette? Your cup of tea?