May Favourites


Keeping it short and sweet this month, my favorites are mainly lifestyle orientated with the odd homeware item. This month has been pretty laid back and chilled on the work front so I have been able to explore different items and even had time to spare to delve deeper into other aspects of design. I hope this month has treated you well, very much looking forward to summer as I sit and write this post on a miserable rainy may day.

Firstly, The Healthy Life by Jessica Sepel is my new addiction. Her attitude towards food and lifestyle is uplifting and inspiring. Ranging from treating many different food related problems such as digestion to hormonal imbalance, this book is not a recipe book bar the odd one at the back. It is scientifically written, well laid out and wonderfully written to inspire you to live the life your body needs and not what everybody else thinks your body needs. AMAZING read.

Another little thing that I absolutely adore is this daisy place Medium Square dish from Kate Spade New York. This dish, as simple as it may seem brings me so much joy and the fact that it says ‘odds and ends’ on it which is exactly what I would use it for is why I love this dainty dish so much.

As I was in Urban Outfitters the other day, I spotted this collection of tea lights on sale. I grabbed the chance to pick them up for using on our balcony table. A little whimsical and fun, and although they will eventually burn into nothing I enjoy these scattered around the table haphazardly for a cute outdoor space.

Oliver Bonus is one of those websites that I love to spend hours on end procrastinating on. The homeware section in particular is beautiful, making me want every item but the thing that popped up and caught my eye was this Luxe Round Bamboo Drinks Trolley. Luxurious and simple at the same time, I would love to have this at the corner of my dining space.

This little number is called the iRing. Now I know that everything these days has an ‘i’ infront of it to indicate that it is worthy of being a noteworthy accessory for your smartphone, and at first I thought this was absolutely useless, until I caved. I love this little gadget that sticks to the back of your phone, making it easy to lean your phone on a table, easier grip when fiddling around looking for your keys and ever had your phone fall on your face while in bed? Well this is the solution.

Finally, steering away from anything I would normally post on this website I recently became obsessed with the work of Salvador Dali. Now I knew who he was obviously, but I never saw his complete work archive before. It is absolutely mind boggling the way this man used to think while he would paint his paintings. They create an almost reality that is so believable yet not at the same time. It made my mind think and that’s why I like him!