Ramadan Inspired Interiors


Next week marks the beginning of Ramadan. For those of you who don’t know what Ramadan is, it is the one month of the year when the entire muslim population (which is nearly 2 billion people) fast from dawn until dusk. This means no food, no water, nothing. It is a challenging month but a gracious one at the same time. It teaches discipline, understanding and patience, traits that many of us lack in society. Ramadan is a festive time of the year for us arabs so we enjoy celebrating our time with good food, good company and for me personally, some well thought out decor. For non-muslims alike, there is great inspiration that can be gathered from the way we decorate our homes during this month. I hope this post inspires you as much as it inspired me.

CRESCENT DECOR: The symbol of islam is the infamous half moon or crescent. It is through the moon that the start and end of Ramadan is predicted every month. Decor ideas like the ones below that are suspended from the ceiling or placed as a table accessory filled with your favourite flowers is the perfect addition to your oriental inspired home.

LANTERN SHAPED EVERYTHING: These cut outs that have been coated with oriental inspired patterns are great as stenciling to your walls, however I would go even further and add a mirrored contact sheet (you can find some here) to create a mirrored lantern, adding more depth and light to the room. A mirror on a budget!


DIMMED LIGHTING IS KEY: For those lazy evenings cuddled up on the sofa, dimmed lighting by the use of pendants or lanterns embossed in patterns create a subtle flow of light. This corner created here is perfect for an empty hallway or entrance.


GO COLORFUL: Our character, along with our food and heritage is extremely vibrant and colorful. Why not enjoy adding colors to your cutlery and tableware instead of plain white?


CHILLED ‘MAJLIS’: Majlis is the term used to describe a seating area where guests are received and entertained. It is so spontaneous and carefree in nature and achievable by throwing a few pillows and arms rests along with a couple of blankets on the floor of your favorite space in the house.


LANTERNS GALORE: Lanterns are the epitome of oriental/arabic inspired interior decor. This placement here along the staircase is a great way to showcase them, as well as having them scattered around the house or even your outdoor area.


I hope you enjoyed this addition of inspiration mixed with a little culture!