New In: Inside the Home of an Antiques Dealer & Decorator


For nearly 18 years Florence Lopez, an antiques dealer/interior design/stylist has been reinventing her Parisian home/gallery. Unlike many other french dealers who like to showcase their passion out of a white-walled gallery, Lopez has a different approach working from her apartment that she shares with her son on the weekdays. This apartment is unlike anything you’ve seen before, a mix of bohemian vintage with dramatic colour schemes and pattern ways, this well thought out yet spontaneous space is something to admire.


Evidently inspired by the likes of Dali, Mondrian & Starck, this woman knows how to sell. The colors used are vibrant but in harmony with each other. Against the dark scratched oak floors, the contrast is immense.


The almost orange tones of this coffee table against the cobalt blue is an example of how to seemingly clashing colors can come together. Small horizontal mirrors like the one above the sofa here add space and depth to the small city flat.


This picture has a lot going on in it. From the rustic wood flooring, to the black & gold accent pieces, to the white chandelier hanging from the dark black ceiling, it is obvious that this home is an attraction of sights in itself.


A combination I love and find timeless is yellow on blue. It speaks spring/summer and against the dark toned walls and floors it pops even more.


Perhaps the most toned down room of the entire flat, this space is beautifully decorated with grey and white striped walls. What is even more striking however is the pairing of the grass-green tones against it. Wonderfully harmonious.

Images courtesy of WSJ Magazine

What do you think of this space?