Khloé & Kourtney’s Calabasas Home Design Secret


Like I said in my previous Kardashian-related post, I am not a huge fan of the show or their huge rise to fame. However one thing they do have is taste in interior designers. Taking a look at their home via Architectural Digest, I was blown away by one thing and one thing only. The attention to detail in the ceilings. In each and every one of their rooms, the ceiling has definitely not been forgotten or left blank. We forget these days that the ceiling is in fact a critical part of the room. Without it, it wouldn’t even be a room. So I began thinking, why do we neglect it so much?

Making the design concept complete in each room, the ceiling is an integral part of the space. It has been finished exquisitely and is something I want to address in todays post.

All images are courtesy of Architectural Digest. 


The living area adjacent to the outdoor patio area is wonderfully monochromatic, as is a lot of this home, with pops of colour here and there. The use of patterns in the room is evident, and the way the carpet and ceiling are mirrored is a perfect combination. The black beaming in the ceiling breaks down the pattern a little making it more subtle and subdued.


These draped curtains that expand from the ceiling down the windows creates an ethereal and luxurious feel to this sitting area. The hanging pendant makes along with the huge mirror deconstruct the drapes to tie the room together perfectly.


Posing here in this dreamy walk in closet, Kourtney’s elegant style against the backdrop of her clothes is beautiful as always however the ceiling is carefully plastered with wallpaper matching the hues of the room. The ceiling here is subtle as the closet is surely the main focus, but certainly not forgotten. Closet-envy anyone?


The kitchen is another one of my favourites. The wallpaper under the beaming is evidently wood, while the beaming makes this almost beige-hued kitchen more homey and less clean and proper. The beaming also allows for perfect placements of the hanging pendants over the kitchen counters and islands.


A monochromatic dream with pops of pink and tan curtains make for the perfect living area (number three, but who’s counting). The ceiling here is an architectural dream. Reminiscent of neoclassical design, it perfectly mirrors the symmetry and squared-rectangle forms in the space.


After reading this post, will you think differently about the way your ceilings are shown?