The Art of Tray Decor


I never used to think trays had another use other than serving drinks or apertifs on. Trays to me were merely a functional item that was made to move around from one place to another. Making trays stationary however, and used mainly as an object of order and pure aesthetic value is another thing. I love how versatile they can be, I crave organized spaces and trays just make your decor more put together in a way. They can be used to group certain items of specific nature, or just to place little odds an ends without the place looking messy.

Here are 6 tips on creating your perfect tray decor:

STAY THEME ORIENTED: If you plan on using your trays as a state of order and grouping items that are of use to you, then stay theme oriented. Don’t go overboard with useless items as this takes away from its purpose in the room. The kitchen and bathroom are the best places to stick to themes.

theme oriented


ADD SOMETHING WITH HEIGHT: Adding different dimensions to your tray is what makes things interesting. Adding something with height grabs the attention to the tray itself, therefore casting an eye on your beautiful masterpiece.

something with height

ADD SOMETHING QUIRKY: Something odd looking, a little out of place is sometimes a good thing. This keeps things interesting and less likely to get boring. I love quirky objects in the form of sculptures or vases. These are the easiest to find on the market.


ADD SOMETHING PERSONAL: Nobody likes to copy an exact image, and by adding something personal gives your decor a uniqueness that nobody else has. Make your tray speak of you and your taste.


STACK OF BOOKS: Another functional+aesthetic option. Like I said in my last post on creating the perfect shelfie, books are made to be on display. They are a work of art themselves, do you know how much work goes into the cover and binding? Read them and display them, that’s my take!


CANDLES: Maybe the most obvious choice, but candles are the safest option in terms of decor. They go in any room, are a pleasure to look at and smell amazing. I love rooms that offer all 5 senses, a good scent always stimulates happiness.


That’s my two sense on tray design, what do you think? Will you be trying this out in your home?