End of Summer Favourites


Summer holiday is officially over, Autumn is just around the corner and as the rain slowly falls as I write this post, I know one thing in my mind. I can’t wait for the colder months. I am more a autumn/winter girl at heart and even though this summer has been a whirlwind of traveling, barbecues and sunshine I am happy to see the end of it.

On that note however, there were many aspects of this summer that I thoroughly enjoyed, from the food to the locations to the reading material. I think I went through 3 pretty hefty books this summer! Books and all, here are a few of my favourite things of the summer.

Domus: A Journey into Italy’s Most Creative InteriorsAfter visiting Italy, this book was something that was evermore intriguing. The fact that it contains some of the most exuberant homes and spaces in Italy, combining the old with the new, it is a beautiful concoction of impeccable Italian taste.

@kellywearstlerA new addition to my Instagram feed, Kelly Wearstler is also a mum and a designer like myself. Her images inspire me so much that I sometimes spend way to much time scrolling through her endless photos of interior heaven.

”13 Ways to Rethink the Foot of Your Bed” by Apartment TherapyThis post is exactly what I was looking for whilst furniture shopping for our new home. With a move ahead, this made me re-think some items in the house that I could up cycle to being a permanent addition to the foot of my bed. A great article for some inspiration on a dull day.

LONG ISLAND Industrial Bookcase by Maisons Du Monde: If you want an affordable online shop for furniture that is also pretty bang on trend, then look no further than Maisons Du Monde. This pretty number might have been on my mind all summer, and might have accidentally been added to cart…..

Last but not least from Gelato, to Pizza to the endless Alfredos, Rome is a city that truly took my heart this summer. If I could go back every summer I wouldn’t say no. Having been there more than once, you truly do see it from a new perspective every time. It isn’t called the Eternal City for nothing…You can check some of my snaps from Rome on my Instagram page. Until next week!