Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall…


Mirrors are a functional, shiny, bright selfie-machine. They are by far the lazy-girl/boys answer to a blank wall. Not sure what to do with that one wall in the house with no character? Add a mirror and your done. The great thing about a good mirror is that it can make or break a space. Small room? Add a mirror-instant brightness and extra space. Hate artwork? Add a mirror-a perfect frame is the art itself. I wanted to highlight a few ways mirrors can be incorporated other than above the bathroom sink, a few ways with a little more imagination. Mirror, mirror on the wall…which one is your favourite of them all?

CLUSTERED HEXAGONAL-SHAPED MIRROR DISPLAY: Make a statement with an array of hexagonal-shaped mirrors, (I found a great dupe from IKEA, the Hönefoss Mirror), arranged how you like, this is a perfect custom-made mirror to suit all tastes.


TILED MIRRORS IN A NICHE: The same way as above, mirrors are sold in smaller laser-cut pieces. This option of tiling them as you would ceramic tiles is a quirky way of adding character. If you have a niche in your home, enhance it using this technique-it will make it look as if it was actually meant to be there.


KITCHEN BACKSPLASH: Many Kitchen companies are now focusing on backsplash ideas, I personally love a good mirror, they add height to the under counter and are easily cleaned.


FLOOR-TO-CEILING SELFIE MIRROR: In this era of selfies and OOTD’s, everyone needs a good full length mirror in their home. If not for the light and space it brings, then surely¬†for the selfies.


HORIZONTAL MIRRORS: Lining mirrors horizontally on top of each other this way creates the perfect classy-chic style. Whether its in the dining room or above the sofa, this is a timeless style that won’t go to waste.


MIRROR HEADBOARD: Sometimes a normal headboard is just too boring, add grandeur to your bedroom with a mirror above the bed. This one is certainly an eye-catcher.