1 Year On….What I’ve learnt & New Things to Come!


This month marks a very special memory at My Interior Therapy HQ. It marks the birth month of this platform I like to call my safe haven. This time last year, a mother of new born baby and an enthusiastic interior designer who needed somewhere to vent her inner design passion, launched this blog with the sole aim to inspire and aspire. I have learned a lot since then, my posts have been sporadic but the first year of anything is always the hardest isn’t it? So here I am, one year later with a lot of desire to grow further.

A few things that need improvement : (and of course I would love my readers feedback too-comment down below!), content wise I am always looking for inspiration. Everywhere I go, whatever I’m doing can be the tick behind any idea. One thing however that I always aim to be is different and unique, hoping that this year will bring more opportunities to be this for you.

Design-wise, and with the help of a loving friend who designed my logo for me, I think I’m okay for now. The site still has a few glitches which I am working on but the main point for me was that the blog was user-friendly, clean and simple to navigate. A minimalist at heart and an organizational freak, change will happen sometime in the near future but for now things are looking good.

Upload schedule: I am working on this, a recent house move and energetic toddler does mean that I have had to take a step back recently, but 100+ posts so far is a goal that I never thought I would have achieved this time last year when I started all this. I am aiming to look at 3 times a week. Let’s say MON-WED-FRI?

I have recently got into modern calligraphy, so you will be seeing a few of that around my site and in my posts for some extra uniqueness and flare.

Last but not least my fellow readers, if you’re still with me after this year I congratulate you! Thank you for your wonderful support and any comments or constructive criticism is much appreciated.