Inspired by Fashion Week: From the Runway to the Home


As fashion week draws to a close, the trends that appeared for SS17 were abdundant, but not many can apply to interiors. For a more in depth look into the fashion trends you can read all about it here. I thought it would be interesting however to showcase how these trends could apply to interior spaces. I am not exactly a trend follower myself, neither do I advocate it as I believe the word ‘trend’ is a marketing term used by retailers to lure you in and make you spend money. I digress. Seeing as some of the trends were actually quite attractive, I went on a mission to find the best ways to incorporate them into interiors.


1. STRIPES/ NAUTICAL DESIGN: This style has never really gone away, it is always flattering on clothes and in spaces. It’s clean, minimal and chic at the same time. Whether you stick to the sailor blue/white and red colours or be bolder with your colour choice, it is flattering either way.



2. FLORAL POWER: Florals are still big this year, however they have become a little darker and more edgy. You can see this by the use of colours being chosen in the fabrics. For me I would go for dark backdrops and accent it with florals. Embroidery is huge this year, with it being sewn into almost everything from leather jackets to knitwear.



3. DARK & EDGY: Moving swiftly on from above, this year there was a lot of edgy pieces. Leather mixed with rips and tears. Black on red. Incorporating this into interiors is tough, but with the right lighting and accessories it could look quite sophisticated.



4. SORBET SHADES: Last but not least and contrasting to everything mentioned above, sorbet shades were in abundance at fashion week. From yellow to peach to strawberry pink, these mouth-watering shades can appear girly if not used correctly in interiors. Here’s how.