The Fall Cleaning Checklist


1. MAKE A JUNK DRAWER IN EACH ROOM: This idea, although counter-intuitive it may be of organizing your home and life is undoubtedly essential! You never know when you might need that one particular item right? If you really want to be good, try making your junk drawer look tidy with compartments made out of boxes. Minimal yet realistic.


2. CLEAN OUT YOUR TECHNOLOGY: Although this has nothing to do with the welfare of your surroundings, it makes a HUGE difference to your state of mind. A decluttered phone which lets face it, is like our third hand these days, is essential for getting you in the right mindset of organizing the rest of your home.


3. STORE EVERYTHING WHERE YOU USE IT: This is not as simple as it sounds. Making sure you have different storage compartments and solutions in each one of your rooms is something I am a big advocate of. You can play around with storage solutions from boxes, to cabinets to free-standing decor such pots and saucers. This makes your life so much easier and adds something extra to each room.


4. IN/OUT CONCEPT: I love this idea. Everything you buy, means you have to get rid of something in return. It’s a genius concept which minimizes clutter and makes you consider your buying choices. This can be anything from home decor to clothing items or to new furniture even. Stop hoarding and get more organized.


5.GET RID OF USELESS ITEMS YOU HAVE: We all have these, they are the things you never knew where hanging around. Linens and bed sheets for mattresses and pillows you don’t own anymore? Chipped plates? Bottles of bath products you don’t even use? Get rid of them.