Creative Room Dividers: Make the Most of Small Spaces


Gone are the days where your old IKEA Kallax is the boxy, messy and inconvenient room divider, providing little aesthetical value, absolutely no creative flare and certainly no space saving properties. The endless options available to create the perfect room divider are now getting prettier, multi functional and allow the space to flow freely without it feeling chopped up into pieces. Owners of small-spaced rooms will know the difficulty when it comes to increasing the visual space of the room. Adding mirrors could be your best option (check out my post all about mirrors!) but room dividers give a sense of order to your multi-purpose small space. Here are a few ideas to think of that I have collected.

Perhaps the most obvious, sheving units are a great way to show some creativity and add character to your space. Instead of boxier and traditional shelving units, go for something different with less material, allowing more light to pass through.
Glass panels are a great option for offices or even living/dining room areas. The options of finishes you have with glass are endless, you could play around with colour, textures and transparency.
Serving no functional purpose at all, this black and white frame is all it is, a frame for your space. A piece of art on display.
This clothing rack with stacks of books elevating plants is a great way to add some life and greenery to your space.
With professional help, rooms can have windows in them rather than around them! Great tip for a more light filled space.
Again, this plant rack can be customized with your favourite blooming flowers or cacti.
This wood panelling room divider is very feng shui. Light still passes through, shading the unecessary and allowing for a play with textures.